Logistics & Warehousing

  • All products are packed properly and marked according to customer request and need.
  • Careful consideration is given to the type of packaging based on customer’s end use.
  • Products are loaded into container in good condition and arranged to maximize cargo space as well as offloading.
  • We compare freight rates with many logistics companies to assure the best rate for single package, LCL and full container shipment.
  • Therefore, our shipping department can assist customer to plan their shipping schedule by using the best solutions that minimize unnecessary expenditure.
  • Holy-Power also has cooperative warehouse (74,000 Square Feet) located in California USA. Each week, there are many containers shipped from Taiwan to US Warehouse.
  • Customer can consolidate their products with our regular containers to US Warehouse and distribute to anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico by customers’ specified carriers or make arrangements by using any of Freight Companies that we have negotiated rate with.