To Customers

·         To provide thoughtful Value Engineering, CAD drawings and a timely Quotation based on customer’s requirement.

·         To assure that Prototypes and Orders are finished on time and shipped without any delay.

·         To guarantee that every sample is 100% Quality Control inspected to make sure it meets customer requirement before mass production.

·          We pride ourselves that all of our shipments are trouble free when delivered to customers’ door.


To Employees

·         To care for our employees’ safety, health, protection and the workplace environment.

·         To empower our team members to achieve objectives by engaging our people to strive for the highest standards.

·         That these objectives are in accordance with Taiwan standards, rules and workplace regulations. 


To Environment

·         Minimizing waste of raw materials and pollutants. Conserving resources such as installing a water tank to collect rains for hydrant, saving energy such as using LED lighting and recycling materials at every stage of product life cycle.

·          Investing the latest and most efficient manufacturing equipment and procedures.

·          All store fixtures go through a rigorous review process to ensure that they in accordance with environmental regulations and customers safety considerations.